How to manifest what you want

How to manifest what you want

Manifestation has become very popular since the movie “The Secret” was released in 2006. Just as you are here to learn how to manifest what you want, people worldwide are working with various manifestation techniques to manifest their dream life. Manifestation’s popularity is beautiful because it works so well! I have seen manifestation change many people’s lives, mine included. I will share some techniques to help you manifest your dream life. 

Please remember that all methods and tools should be used alongside taking action. You must ensure that you take the proper measures to achieve your goals. If you are not physically working on creating your new life, you will see little to no results with manifestation.

Words Of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are positive statements you make regarding your desired outcome. You make these statements in the present tense as if they are already taking place in your life. Make sure you are not asking to receive it or stating that you will have it in the future. 

Words of affirmation are powerful because your subconscious mind loves repetition, and these statements will reprogram it. When you reprogram your subconscious mind, you change your mindset. Once your mindset changes, you will start taking new actions. This will help you start being able to manifest your dreams. 

I recommend using words of affirmation daily. Focus on one thing you want to manifest at a time. Remember you are retraining yourself and adding new habits to your lifestyle. If you add to many words of affirmation to practice daily, you will likely become overwhelmed. 

Are you wanting to create a vision board but unsure where to start? Click the image above to check out this vision board kit!

Vision Board

A vision board is meant to be a visual representation of your goals. It can have affirmations and pictures on it, or it can simply be pictures that represent your manifested life. You can create one with a poster board, corkboard, or a wire wall grid. 

A vision board acts as a daily reminder of your dreams and goals. It can help you remember your affirmations and help you be able to visualize yourself living your dreams. Being able to visualize your dreams is very powerful and will help you be able to manifest your new reality faster.

Create a vision board as soon as you start your manifestation journey. Make sure you put it in a place where you can see it multiple times throughout the day. Also, make sure to get creative with it! The more you put into the vision board, the more you will get out of it. 

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is using your imagination to visualize your dreams and goals as if they have already happened. Making these images and moments you visualize as vivid and detailed as possible is essential. You can do this with your eyes opened or closed, whichever is more comfortable for you. 

You want your visualizations to be as accurate and precise as possible. Creating these visualizations sends a solid message to your subconscious and significantly impacts when in manifestation. I recommend using this technique once you know exactly what you want to manifest. 

Ready to start a manifestation journal but looking for some help? Click the image above to check out this guided manifestation journal!

Manifestation Journal

A manifestation journal is a great place to start if you are trying to figure out what you want to manifest. In manifestation, you want to have as many details as possible about the outcome you are working towards. This makes it easier to work through the manifestation process. 

It’s incredibly natural for thoughts or actions to boil up when you start manifesting. Some of these thoughts and actions will work against you. You can also use a manifestation journal to reflect on any views or activities that you notice blocking you from your desired outcome. 

When you start experiencing these thoughts and actions, I recommend exploring them. Figure out where they came from. How long have you felt that way or been taking those actions? Once you understand them completely, accept them for what they are, thank them for the lessons they taught, and then release these thoughts and actions. 

Manifestation Meditations

You can find a lot of guided meditations online that are great tools to use. They are led by teachers and coaches who combine your auditory sense, visualization skills, emotions, and gratitude to help you manifest your dream. Using all these skills together makes manifestation meditations a great tool! 


Scripting is another powerful and entertaining manifestation method. In scripting, you write out your dream life that you are working on manifesting in a journal. Make sure to add as many details as possible and write it as if you were already living this dream life. You do this daily; it’s like creating a story of yourself living the life you are working toward manifesting. 

Scripting tells your subconscious what the life you want looks like and will reprogram your brain to believe it is achievable. It also allows your subconscious mind to see how unique and fun this life is. Do this as soon as you clearly envision what you want to manifest. 

If you are new to mindfulness and looking for more information I recommend this book. It is easy to follow and a wonderful place to start for beginners. Click the picture to check it out!

Mindfulness Meditation

Practicing mindfulness meditations may seem counterproductive when focusing on manifestation, but it is a fantastic tool. Although you enter into a state of observing the present during mindfulness meditation, it also relieves stress, anxiety, and depression and helps you sleep better. Since mindfulness brings you to a calm state, it enables you to manifest your new reality from a more positive mindset. 

Do this technique as often as possible to keep you in a positive and calm state along the way. You can do mindfulness meditation for as little as 5 minutes a day, or even a few moments, and it will significantly impact your journey. 


Gratitude plays a vital role in manifestation. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Thus if you are grateful for things, you will attract more things to be thankful for. It also helps by training your brain to focus on life more positively. 

Gratitude is a high-vibration emotion that will help raise your energy levels. It also signals to the subconscious that you have learned your lessons in this state and are ready to move forward. Most of the time, you remain stagnant because your subconscious feels that you haven’t learned everything you need from your current situation.

I recommend adding gratitude to your daily life as often as possible. The more appreciation you add, the less room you will have for negativity. Your mindset and actions will change; before you know it, you will live your dream life! 

If you want more information about the 55X5 method as well as a workbook guiding you through it then click the picture above to check out this workbook!

55X5 Method

With this method, you write down your desired affirmation 55 times for the next 5 days. This is a very excellent method to use. Especially if you verbally speak them as you write them down, practice visualization, experience the emotions as if you have already received them, and end the session by stating how grateful you are to have achieved what you are manifesting. 

Please do this for 5 days and then wait a little while before repeating it with a new manifestation. You want to train yourself to enjoy doing it, and if you are constantly doing it, it can become overwhelming. 

Need Help Learning To Manifest Your Dreams?

If you struggle with manifesting your dreams and seek guidance, check out this free manifestation PDF. It goes over the different things that are likely preventing you from being able to manifest your dreams. It will also tell you how to prepare and start your manifestation journey! 

I highly recommend their audio track if you are looking for even more help. It is viral in the manifestation world. It works excellently in helping you reprogram your brain so that you can start manifesting your dreams! You can play it while you sleep or while you are awake. Good luck!  

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