How To Meditate For Beginners

How To Easily Meditate For Beginners Step-By-Step Guide

Did you know that meditation is one of the best things you can do for your mental health and wellness? It can enhance focus, and mental clarity, reduce stress and help you sleep better. Those are just a few of meditating regularly. If you are new to meditating and looking for a step-by-step guide on how to meditate for beginners then you’re in the right place! In this simple guide, I’m going to go over a beginner-friendly meditation technique to get you started on your journey!

Vispassana Meditation

This is an excellent meditation for anyone new to the practice! It is one of the oldest forms of meditation and is an excellent starting because it is one of the more easy forms of meditation to do. In this meditation, you will be sitting(or laying down) and observing both your breathing and thoughts. Let’s dive in.

The first step is to decide how long you would like to meditate and set a timer. I recommend 5 to 10 minutes for beginners, as meditation takes practice. You can also simply meditate until you feel ready to stop.

How to meditate for beginners
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The next step is to find a comfy position to sit or lay down in. The traditional pose is the lotus pose(sitting straight and cross-legged). However, this can be harder for beginners. I advise finding a comfy position, either sitting in a chair or lying down. You can always perfect various poses later. It’s more important to work on meditation without being distracted due to discomfort.

Now it’s time to close your eyes. Although you don’t have to close your eyes, it is easier to get distracted if they are open. Your goal should be to remove as many mental stimuli as possible.

Now I want you to start breathing in and out through your nose. I want you to focus on the sensations of the air entering your nose, going down your throat, and filling your lungs. Then I want you to focus on the sensations that take place as you release the breath back out.

As you do this, thoughts will arise in your mind. Don’t try to control them or add to them in any way. You want to observe them as a neutral bystander. You don’t want to try and block the thoughts, and they are not bad. It is natural for your mind to want to wander when it does simply bring your focus back to your breathing.

Before long you will notice your mind becomes still easier and wanders less often as you practice the meditation. You will also feel as though your breaths slowly become connected. Instead of feeling the breath in and the breath out as being separate you will feel it all as one experience and sensation.

Whenever your timer goes off, or you feel ready to stop meditating, simply shift your body a little bit. Then you can slowly open your eyes. Not too fast as there is no need to rush. If you’d like you can stretch a little bit, and when you feel ready stand up and continue your day.

How to Meditate For Beginners – A Guided Meditation

If you are looking for a beautiful guided meditation, click the image above to get access to this guided meditation!

Meditation can be difficult when you are first starting. One of the tools I love to recommend that people start with is guided meditation! Guided meditations help keep you on track because they lead you through the process and help keep you focused.

They also work great because they provide something for you to listen to. When you are first starting to meditate, even the smallest sound can create a huge distraction that knocks you off track.

If you are looking for a guided meditation to get you started, please check out “The guided meditation for beginners.” It is a great place to start and will get you meditating like a pro and experiencing tranquility in no time.

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