Relax And Practice Self Love

Ways To Relax And Practice Self Love

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, especially when adding new goals and micro habits to your life. Adding ways to relax and practice self-love in your life is extremely important because it can keep you calm and motivated! 

Practicing self-love is also essential because it makes your meditations, manifestations, and other spiritual practices easier. The more you practice self-love, the more you will feel you deserve to take that time to better yourself. 

There are so many reasons why practicing self-love and making time to relax is essential, but for many people, it’s easier said than done. If you are not used to taking time for yourself, it can leave you wondering what to do with your spare time once you have time to relax. 

In this article, I will review some ways to relax and practice self-love. I will also give you tips and tricks to ensure you have time. Finally, I will break the barriers of what society tells us self-love is and isn’t. Let’s dive in! 

How to make time to Relax

We live in a world today that keeps us busy. We are constantly at work, taking care of our house, grocery shopping, helping family or friends, etc. 

Most of us walk through life feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day. Living like this can be overwhelming and stressful. What’s worse is most of us have no idea how to make time to relax or what to even do if we get time. 

A lot of people have to learn how to relax and practice self-love. Sadly it doesn’t come naturally to most and should be taught more. So first, let’s discuss how to make time to relax! 

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The Power Of Saying No

I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t just say no to work, taking care of my house, and grocery shopping!” You’re right; there are some things in your life that you can’t say no to. Some things require your time and attention so that you can live your life. 

That being said, there are plenty of things you do on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis that you likely can say no to. The problem is that most of us are hard-wired to believe that “no” is a bad word. So instead, we end up doing things we don’t want to do instead of things we want or even need to do. 

Did you get invited to a girl’s night out that you aren’t even interested in? Say no! Brunch with your mother-in-law; who wants to discuss what you could do better for her baby boy? Cancel it! Does your friend want to spend half a day together window shopping a new sectional? Unless you’re interested, say no thank you. 

How about this, are dishes in the sink getting in the way of you and a nice hot bath? Either pass that task off to someone else or wait until morning to wash them. Are you running to the store for the 20th time this week to grab something for your kid because they didn’t add it to the grocery list or ate it all? Sounds like their problem, and I’m sure they will survive without it. 

Setting healthy boundaries is the first step in making time for yourself. Start making a grocery list and commit to only going to the store once a week. Start saying no things that sound boring or zap your happiness. 

Finally, cancel if you scheduled something and don’t want to go. You are not required to provide people with all your time and attention. Especially when you have little or no time to relax or take time for yourself!

Scheduling “Me Time”

Yep, you read that right! Work is scheduled, doctor’s appointments are scheduled, award ceremonies for your kids are scheduled, etc. Everything else crucial in your life is planned, so why not schedule “me time?” 

If you think about all the important things in your life that you can’t miss, you will notice that they are all scheduled. You having time to relax is just as important. Thus it should be scheduled. 

Start with one hour one night a week. Put it in your planner, set a reminder on your phone, and let everyone know the hour is yours and that you are busy! Before you know it, you will start scheduling more time for yourself. It can become quite addicting! 

What Does It Mean To Relax Or Practice Self-Love? 

Everyone has a different idea of what practicing self-love is and isn’t. This can make it hard to figure out what self-love is and what is unhealthy. So let’s discuss this!

Are you on a diet and haven’t eaten sweets in 3 weeks and really want to sit on your couch, put on your favorite show and eat a slice of cake? Go buy a single piece of cake! Reward yourself! That’s self-love! You deserve it for doing so well!

Rewarding yourself is self-love! You can improve your life by dieting and also eating cake every now and then. Or going to that restaurant you know will kill your calorie count for the day.

Do you want to see the new Marvel Movie at the theatre but feel bad not taking anyone with you? Don’t feel bad; go on a you date! You work very hard and deserve to watch a peaceful, quiet movie at the theatre.

Society tells us that we must include our families in everything and that they should be the center of our lives! No, they shouldn’t. It would be better if you were the center of your life, and I’ll tell you why. 

If you are unhappy, then you aren’t actually there with them. If you are sad instead of happy, you aren’t experiencing life with them to the fullest! If you are miserable, you are likely making your family miserable too! Put yourself first so you can be the best you for yourself and them! It’s a win-win situation! 

Am I saying they should never be included? Absolutely not! However, there is nothing wrong with taking a step back and creating some peaceful alone time for yourself. 

Stop listening to what society says is and isn’t self-love. If it isn’t destructive and makes you happy, then do it! Even if it’s something, you can only do in moderation! 

Ways to relax and practice self love

Things To Do AKA Ways To Relax And Practice Self Love

You can relax and practice self-love with and without your family! If you need “you time,” then take it! Make time for yourself, and don’t feel bad about it! 

Self-love doesn’t have to be practiced only when you are alone! You can practice it alone or with other people! But if you need alone time, then absolutely take it! If you want to schedule something you enjoy with your family, do it! 

You decide what your self-love journey includes and doesn’t. You also get to decide whether or not to take time for yourself or include others. The more you practice self-love, the more you will know what you need. 

Below are some suggestions of things that you can do. These lists are here to act as a starting point and help you get ideas! If you want to do something outside the list, do it!

Things To Do At Home

  1. Take a nice long bath! Buy candles, your favorite bath bomb, an oat bath, bubbles, etc. Put on some relaxing music. Go big, even if you are at home! Imagine what the perfect bath looks like to you and make it happen! 
  2. Spa Night! Get you’re favorite face mask, buy some cucumbers, pull out your favorite nail polish, and finally, put on way too much of your favorite lotion! 
  3. Like to read? Pull out your favorite book or a new one that you have been dying to crack open and read for a little bit! If that’s something you love doing, then doing that is self-love!
  4. Snuggle up with your favorite blanket and snacks and watch your favorite movie for the 50 billionth time! No one else has to like it; this is your time! 
  5. Have your favorite food delivered to you after your kids are asleep, and have a nice dinner at home with your favorite dessert! 
  6. Want to have a nice dinner at home with your kids but avoid cooking. Get dinner delivered for all of you. 
  7. Turn your phone off for an hour or a night and enjoy a nice quiet night around the house. Don’t leave it off if you have to wake up early the next day and it’s your only alarm though! 
  8. Go to bed early! Something as simple as going to bed early and getting more sleep can have a huge impact! Catch up on your sleep and wake up refreshed! 
  9. Do you enjoy doing arts and crafts or DIY projects? If you enjoy it, then spend your time doing that!
  10. Have you not been able to play your favorite game on your Xbox or PlayStation because the kids are always on it, or you’re just too busy? Sounds like that’s what you should do! 

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Things To Do Outside Of The House

  1. Go to that restaurant you have been dying to try! You’ve put it off long enough! Why not?
  2. Are you craving a smoothie? Either make one or go buy one! 
  3. Has it been too long since you went to your favorite museum? Schedule time and go! 
  4. Take a walk on the beach during the day or at sunset. Enjoy the sea breeze, get some fresh air, and feel the sand between your toes!
  5. Take a walk through a nature park. Enjoy the scenery and nature sounds.
  6. Go to your favorite amusement park! Ride the rides and play the games like when you were younger.
  7. Get a professional massage! Your back might be full of tension, but that’s nothing that a 1-hour massage won’t fix. 
  8. Go get your nails done professionally. Get that fancy set you wish you had. 
  9. Get your hair done! Get it cut, dyed, and get highlights or lowlights.
  10. Find an adult arcade and drink a beer while you play arcade games. 
  11. Take yourself go-cart racing and drift around the track!
  12.  Take that vacation you keep putting off! 
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